Sunday, October 7, 2012

A day with Dorcus Beads

Dorcus Beads continues to share its experience through a one day excursion process. The one day includes: Enjoying a cup of tea and light refreshment upon arrival in a tranquil setting. Attending a demonstration of recycling paper into jewelry. Try your hand at bead-making. Listening to the story of a bead maker. Seeing traditional dyeing and weaving of sisal baskets. Enjoying a relaxing, traditional Kenyan lunch in a beautiful setting with eye-catching views PACKAGE: KSH.3000 per person, Minimum 4 people (Excluding transport) For Bookings: e-mail: OR or visit

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dorcus Beads Picture Frames

The Picture frames come in four sizes 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 6 x 7, 8 x 10, We have two versions of the picture frames, some made with wood and full beads decorations on the frames, and some made with pure recycled paper ( paper mache'). They are a great gift for anyone.

The Designers

A Team of women from Eastern Part of Kenya where Dorcus Beads is situated, regularly come together for a full-day process of designing new products, reflecting on team development and going for home visis. This strength-based process has been the foundation for Dorcus Beads ways of working and it is through this that the team celebrated four years of achievements, March this year. Dorcus Beads ladies come from different backgrounds, some of them are married,others widows, young adults and single women. The space provided for designing the products and the opportunity for fellowship continues to glue them together. Their resilience to adopt to new ventures is extraordinary and it has been possible to fulfill orders within good timing. The exceptional leadership styles, great communication, and long term relationships have been key aspects to ensure that quality and quantity is always maintained.

Dorcus Beads JUU Products

We use the word JUU to profile the new version of our jewelleries, from bracelets, keychains and the different style necklaces Dorcus Beads has been producing since the beginning. The JUU refers to the glass beads, West African beads and other locally available materials such as clay. We use these other items to design together with the different size of DB paper beads.

New Ventures for Dorcus Beads Kenya

Dorcus Beads has ventured into newer style, patterns and designs of products ranging from picture frames, coaster sets and enhanced jewellery to uplift the paper beads products. The expansion and venture has also included, the number of team members of Dorcus Beads, transfer of experiences and new born babies!! yay...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HAPPY 2012

To all our friends,

This month Dorcus beads cebrates its fourth (4) year since the vision was set in motion. It has been an incredible journey since March 2008. We hope to grow further and deeper this year even as we enter into a new phase of the Dorcus beads pieces.

It is with pleasure to share that Dorcus beads has diversified its pieces to include what we are calling the 'Juu' beads. Our pieces are much more classic giving the paper beads a quality tha has not been seen before.

We anticipate a great year, filled with so many blessings, necessary opportunities, and deeper relationships that reflect who we are as a team.

Thank you to all who pray and support our endeveavours both in Africa and beyond. We appreciate.

Dorcus Beads

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Women in Kenya - Dorcus Beads:

Thank you to all of our friends and colleagues, who continue to inspire and support Dorcus beads. Those who have followed our blog would know that Dorcus beads begun in March 2008; and in May 2008, a team of five women were mentored and learnt how to design and produce the beads from recycled glossy magazines.

At the moment, Dorcus beads is linked to over 100 women in Eastern Kenya, with over 10 necklace designs; the women continue to support each other through home visits, and are able to earn a living to support their own families.

Dorcus beads, as a community initiative continues to expand, and experiences have been shared amongst many other communities and friends in Kenya. The women in Eastern Kenya reflect that, its been possible to afford basic needs in their own households, payment of school fees, opening of personal accounts and the team is able to afford meals whenever they are together working on a project.

The team continues to aspire for better things for the future, not only for themselves, but also for their children. The richness and experience of these women is phenomenal. They hold each other accountable and find ways to afford and save enough capital for their own materials.

Dorcus beads Kenya - an initiative of women with capacity, aiming to be influential in their own ways.

For further information please contact
Dorcus beads,
P O Box 12787-00100, Nairobi
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